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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 28, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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robertson, bobby jindal and much more. don't forget. we hope you'll set your dvr and record "hannity" the series. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night. ti firing his lawyer only hours before heading to court. for day's important hearing and fired lawyer. talking to reporters outside the court. >> we do wish andrew all the best. his family all the best. like i said, is he an innocent man. he shouldn't be here. >> i met with andrew yesterday. he did hint something that might be happening today. he said he would still be talking to his mother about this and i think they talked and made a decision and, like i said, i need to respect whatever they decide. i wish andrew and his mother all the best. like i said, andrew is innocent.
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andrew shouldn't be here and he will get out of this mess he is in. probably a couple of weeks later. fox news correspondent william la jeunesse is outside the tijuana courthouse. he joins us live from the u.s./mexico border. william, what happened today? >> it was fascinating. something we definitely did not expect. but it definitely changing attorneys in midstream, greta is, probably going to prolong sergeant tahmooressi's stay inside a mexican prison. his mother jill told me a few hours ago that he needed an attorney he could trust, that was not the case here. he did, indeed, fire his attorney. tahmooressi said he wanted to tell the truth and claims that his attorney wanted him to lie and to file a false statement saying, quote, i have never gone tijuana when, in fact, he h here is a critical excerpt from an email from the attorney to tahmooressi's mother jill.
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quoting: today he insisted he did not urge his client to lie but they disagreed on strategy. tahmooressi arrived this morning in a gray prison jumpsuit shackled to five other inmates. he looked things but he did nod to reporters on his way. in now, in terms of the judge. did he not take any testimony at all today at all. but there were several key pieces of evidence that officials tell us why they believe he will ultimately be exonerated. number one, of course is, a port of entry here it is poorly designed. the signage was nearly invisible. lighting almost nonexistent. causing those who missed the last exit to the united states to also miss that u-turn sign back to the united states. secondly, he is -- was in
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the smuggling guns according to law enforcement that i have spoken to. the 911 call he made to chp, which has now been authenticated, they say it sounds authentic and will support his story and finally, video from mexican customs that individuals have seen show andrew pointed to weapons inside his trunk and that a casual atmosphere existed with him and the agents answered claims that they prepared to release him until the mexican military got involved. because, of course, there was an assault rifle. the wrap is here greta number one, he is looking at 5 to 20 years assault weapon on possession. not assault charges. i'm told there is no interest in mexico city to keep this guy. immigration bill on the hill. they don't want lawmakers to have any reason to vote against it again, but they feel they need to follow the book and represent that mexican justice is real and is being reformed. back to you. >> william, i have a question. the fact that he may have
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made a statement, a false statement, i'm not sure how it relates to the fact that you can accidently turn and go in the wrong direction. you want to go north to san diego, you turn left and then it has this turn into mexico where you can't make a u-turn and you are in mexico. i'm curious, when was the false statement made, under what circumstances, and when did the lawyers that email? is that recent or is that old? >> the email was about three weeks old, if i recall. there were two dates. there were two emails that we have obtained as to what that story was going to be. the false statement was filed very early on in the case. this attorney is represented on the u.s. consulate web site as a trusted, honorable, recommended attorney if you will. and that's where they obtained him. i am told that when he came to the customs agent per se, that he was directed over to
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the secondary inspection because he was missing a front license plate, which, as you know, in california you are required to have front and back and that he was going to let him go at that point but he had to go over there. again, the atmosphere from the video shows that customs agent retrieved a jacket from his truck and gave it to him. that you see him pointed to where his guns were in the back of the truck because of course it had been parked and they didn't want it to be stolen. only after an hour when the military showed up that things changed dramatically. filed that false statement that he had not been in tijuana. allegedly protested about that fact if you will. >> all right. just so i'm clear, do you read that email as a confirmation that the lawyer told him to make a false statement about whether they had been in tijuana before? >> yes. if i was a judge and i read that, i would conclude that your attorney advised you in a way that was against your own wishes.
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>> william, thank you. and fox cameras catches sergeant tahmooressi arrived in the mexico court. what does he have to say about the developments this the case. his mother jill tahmooressi joins us. good morning, jill. >> good morning, greta. >> did you know he was going to be changing lawyers? >> yes. we had spoken about it weeks leading up to today. we weren't certain of who we would be pursuing. we were certain that we were not at all chrstable. there had been enough time and enough concerns that lingered on that neither one of us felt comfortable going to such a critical hearing, it's the very first critical piece of evidence and being able to state the truth in front of the judge. neither one of us felt comfortable with the attorney, our former attorney. >> all right. 10 days ago when i was in
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mexico, at the prison with you, you told me that this whole false statement issue. but i just want to make sure that i have it right. he was arrested on march 31st; is that correct, going into april 1st? >> right. correct. >> okay. and at some point then, he met with a lawyer and we are looking at a picture right now, a video of the lawyer and he made a statement too whom did he make that statement and was it on a vice of counsel at that point. >> yes. within 72 hours. very first time he met with his attorney. present was a court reporter, a prosecutor, the attorney and him and a friend. a friend that was a girl was in the room as well. >> okay. all right. so that was within 72 hours of that. and in that statement, what was it that he said that is now -- he now says is false? what was it that he said?
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>> what he said was that he had never been to mexico. and that he missed the last exit rushing to meet friends or to eat dinner in san ysidro. that's the part that's not correct. >> and now at some point. have you got this email or he received -- you received the email from the lawyer, and does he -- and in that email, as least as william la jeunesse read it, the lawyer confirms that he told your son to give the false statement? >> well, greta, what happened first though sons andrew could get to the telephone. he called me up within 72 hours of the arrest. he said mom where did you get that attorney? i said why? he said he just made me lie. what do you mean he just made you lie. >> he just made me say that i have never been to mexico. mom, i have been to mexico. i said why we make you say that? he said i got him off the list. is he on the u.s. consulate service.
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i checked him out. he went to school, he went to law school in america. he speaks english. he must be a good lawyer i said to andrew. said let me call him up. >> when was that within 72 hours made the statement how soon was it after that? >> that day. as soon as andrew could get to a phone. he was so trauma sized he immediately called me that day and i made a call out to him. >> when did you receive that email? >> then i followed it up with an email. >> i am curious. i sent him on email how could you make your son say something that wasn't true. make him look incredible right from the get-go. >> when did you receive that particular email? >> we were going back and forth, back and forth on it two or three or four different emails. and i kept countering this isn't right. i have got a bank account statement that shows that he in tijuana once.
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i don't know where the six times comes from. i saw a bank account statement that had him there once. >> we kept countering back and forth on emails. >> when would you get is the time frame you are having email traffic with the lawyer about the false statement. arrested march 31st. when would you assume this email traffic went on? >> perhaps may -- i'm sorry, early april, so april 6th through april 10th, maybe. >> okay, now, as an aside, when i was down there with you in mexico, you told me about this so this is not a big surprise to me. i'm trying to get the details sorted out. so the expectation, correct me if i am wrong, is that they that he would go to court today and set the record straight but now he has got a new lawyer; is that right? >> yes, yes. so today was his opportunity to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. >> the reason i'm a little bit perplexed is that this is like a side issue. i have actually driven the area. and it seems to me that, you know, even if he had had
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been there 200 times that the turn was an easy mistake because it's not well lit. it's not well-marked and also in the direction to go home to san diego. he had been in mexico for the day, why we driving back into mexico intentionally so that you still can make the long wrong turn and end up in mexico. i'm not -- i realize that this has now gotten sort of -- it's a distraction at some point or what do you see about this? >> i see it as a big unfortunate distraction. i don't understand why the truth couldn't have been told the right way the first time. and that was that he was parked in that parking lot because he had just walked over from tijuana. he had had spent the afternoon in tijuana. but now he was headed back to san diego to get a hotel room in san diego. and he literally made a wrong turn out of that parking lot within 20 to 50 feet. but for some reason, at the time the attorney thought it was more viable to advisable
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to have him state he had never been to mexico and driving down to i-a south and an exit. it was confusing and andrew was upsit. i was upset. >> we have then the video the peculiar thick for me if mer the day why would you want to drive back into mexico. i would think that you would turn left to head back to san diego and that, of course, takes you into mexico rather than in the direction of san diego. now we are in the situation where he fired his lawyer today. and so now he is -- is he without a lawyer at all and when is the next hearing? >> so, he is now being covered by a public defender during this transition period. so we are in transition from the former attorney to the new attorney. and the new attorney reached out to me this afternoon. he has been call me ever since we have started investigating him. he has been calling me every day for hours.
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unlike the response i had received with the former attorney. and he said by monday he will be secure and overseeing the case. but for now, he is under the care or under the supervision of a public defender. >> okay. so just one quick question. so there is no established future date right now? he is just sitting there in prison. >> no. >> okay. jill, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and our next guest is a marine who served with sergeant tahmooressi in afghanistan. sergeant mark joins us. good evening, sir. >> geenks, greta. how are you? >> i'm very well. when did you meet sergeant tahmooressi? >> i met sergeant tahmooressi in 2008 when we got to paris island marine tee poo. we were side by sided entire four years. we were sidekicks, always together. >> what's he like? >> he is the most unselfish, motivated lead-by-example
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marine. a marine's marine if you will. without a doubt, this couldn't have happened to a better person and marine. i mean, is he outstanding character. >> when he did two tours in afghanistan, one of his vehicles got hit by an ied and i know he suffers from ptsd. do you know anything about this incident? do you know anything about sort of his status or his health. >> absolutely. as far as the incident goes, i was there that day. watching your friend get blown up in combat and not being able to run to their aid is the hardest thing i have ever had to do. he has got obvious issues with brain trauma, there was a second occasion where there was machine guns getting moved from vehicle to vehicle on a second tour and he sustained a second head trauma. you know, his mental health, you know, post-traumatic stress is very common situation with combat vets. he needs the help. he needs to get out of
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there. and get back to this country. the fact that he is still in there is ridiculous. >> have you spoken to him since he has been in prison? if so, when was the most recent? >> i have. he called me last week. i got a collect call from the prison. and he gave me some very disturbing details about the treatment that he was receiving. in his early days there. that are very important, the fact that once everyone knows the international i surrender symbol is when you put your hands behind your head and say i surrender, that doesn't allow officials to go ahead and take you down to the ground and beat with you a bat and dislocate your jaw. and strip you naked and chain to you it a bed for 24 hours. i don't think that's just system at all. and stayed. i'm telling you from his mouth what i'm telling you now he endured as american citizen and u.s. marine is that he was chained to his bed for so long that when
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they finally released him at the end of that four weeks that he couldn't even walk he was crippled from such bad muscle dystrophy and joint pain and not able to fire the muscles in his body. it's absurd. he told me if you take two hands and put them together and take a juice box is what they were serving him with a pan. so this is like pow vietnam, you know, prisoner of war camp stuff. not our neighbors in mexico where we all go blow our money on cancun and go, you negotiation send military funding. everything we do for mexico is supposed to be our allies and neighbors. this is how we treat an american? this is how he has been treated down there. yeah, the media has been exposing him and he has been living better the past, what, two weeks? we thought he had ptsd before, imagine living through something lick that. he is going to have a whole new case of ptsd after being stripped naked and chained
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to a bed. a piece of me in s. in mexico right now i went rest until he is home. >> anything that mitigates against it? did he he say anything about how he ended up there? how i ended up in mexico. >> yeah. >> he got turned around. he had no intentions of being in mexico. like we sawed 9111 tape proves that a video clearing pointing out the weapons? he must be the world worst smuggler, he might as well drove up in a pan zero tank. he had a pistol in his door pocket. he must be the world's worst gun smuggler. come on, let's get real here. and then the mexican authorities want to say that his 45 was stolen from the marine corps? i mean, come on, marine corps hasn't issued 45s
11:18 pm
since 1986. this is a corruption story from unjust system that there is even a trial. we know you can buy yourself out of jail in mexico or may off an officer. this is ridiculous that this is even a case. we have been seeing and have copies of receipts for the purchases of those three weapons. just so that -- i don't know anything about the suggestion that it is stolen. we have seen the receipts, at least as far as we know we have got the right material. sergeant, thank you. and again we want to keep a spotlight on this. we will try to get to the bottom of it. >> all right. one more thing, greta. >> yeah. >> i just want to say you know, if maliyah and obama was changed to a bed stripped naked. do you think there would be a trial happening right now? i don't think so. let's put that up to our administration and let them think about that. >> sergeant, you got the last word, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> you're going to hear more from the deference lawyer just fired by the marine only hours before today's
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hearing. so will the lawyers switch help or hurt the marine's case. gloria allred and ted williams are here to answer that next. plus, we are just minutes away from a special house hearing tonight. it's about the exploding v.a. scandal. that as the t. it just released ig report sheds new light on the scandal. we will take you live to this special hearing tonight it's on capitol hill. it's come up. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? ♪ get ready, get ready ♪ 'cause here i come [ male announcer ] take osteo bi-flex®. osteo bi-flex® is specially formulated with joint shield™ to nurture and help defend your joints°. so now you can keep doing... and doing... and doing what you love. hi mom, dad. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! ♪ get ready, 'cause here i come ♪ [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. this is a fox news alert. tonight a u.s. marine remains in a mexico cab jail. sergeant andrew tahmooressi's case now delayed after he fired his lawyer in mexico. california congressman duncan hunter has been fighting for the marines. he joins us. good evening, sir. can you tell me any information you have about this marine tonight? >> no. nothing new. he had had the evidentiary hearing tonight. we're going to wait and see what happens. what we can gather from that this evening and try to take some steps tomorrow maybe on the house floor. but that marine sergeant that you had on prior to me so well spoken and dead on. we are not talking about pakistan or nigeria or some other third world country. these are our southern neighbors in mexico. these are supposed to be people friendly to us.
11:24 pm
we send billions of dollars down there. millions of jobs to mexico. and we get absolutely nothing in return. in fact, beyond that they jail marines for no reason and keep them there. so, you know, this fully reflects on mexico, period. we have done nothing wrong in this country. andrew has done nothing wrong. this is purely a mexican problem and needs to be resolved by secretary kerry and the president. >> all right. >> now, is this -- is the border part of your jurisdiction, sir? >> no. it's not. thank goodness, actually. >> have you ever driven that area? because it's not -- >> -- yes. >> southern california. >> quite a bit. >> do you know the turn that we have been talking about? >> yes. >> and your thoughts about that turn? >> obviously, now what we need between mexico and the united states is some kind of demilitarized zone to where when you first hit the mexican federals you are not in mexican territory.
11:25 pm
can you say wait a minute, i didn't mean to be here. i have guns, i'm not trying to take them into mexico. i missed the last exit, please let me go. and they then have to let you go. that's what we need on the border, obviously. if mexico is going to be a bad neighbor, then we need to have some kind of neutral zone where accidents like this can't happen. >> i know have you been working hard to work and senator lindsey graham has been likewise trying to help us get into that interview and interview sergeant tam reissy. i know have you been pounding the pavement to try to help him. >> we will keep working greta, thank you. >> with will a sudden change of lawyers hurt or help the marine's case. you will hear from the fired lawyer and legal team. gloria allred and ted williams next. president obama talking foreign policy at west point it is what the president did not say that has ambassador john bolton fuming. the ambassador is here. coming up. upgrade to the philips norelco shaver series 8000 for the most advanced shaving experience.
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this is a fox news alert. tonight, a u.s. marine is still sitting in a mexican jail. that's despite a court hearing today. and in a stunning twist. sergeant andrew tahmooressi fired his lawyer. and that was only hours before that hearing. and that means a delay in the case. the fired lawyer speaking outside the courthouse. >> we had some discussions about how information should be presented. okay. about how information should be presented. basically. that was one of the issues diswvment she said that you told him to lie. what is your response to that? >> my response to that is -- i don't want to get into that. we have had our differences about how things happen. we know what happened in when we met with him. he was obviously looking very shaken up. and i mean,. >> i think it's probably -- look, i haven't got a a reason. i'm assuming that they want to have somebody that they feel more comfortable. and that's -- like i said, i have to respect whatever their decision they make.
11:31 pm
next step is lawyer has to come in, meet with us. we have to transfer over all the information. documents, records. talk to him about where we are heading towards in terms of strategy. i think coming in, probably knows what direction we are heading towards, so, i think probably some sort of continuation of what we were doing. if there be. >> so will the lawyers switch help or hurt the marine's case. joining us is gloria allred and defense lawyer ted williams. gloria, first to you. it's been almost two months and the united states didn't get an opportunity to bail. that's not the system in mexico. i think should have a full, fair, fast hearing but things certainly are not moving quickly. your thoughts on this? >> well, that's direct, greta. and, of course, in the united states, the defendant would have a right to a speedy trial. of course, a defendant can also waive and give up his right to a speedy trial. because it is his right and not the prosecution's right. that may or may not apply in mexico. here, there is this whole
11:32 pm
new wrinkle of a new attorney coming in because the allegation by this marine appears to be that his former attorney, mr. asunni that in fact caused him to lie. if, in fact, that is true. if mr. sunni wanted him to represent that he was never in mexico before, which is what is alleged, and then, of course, it turns out there is evidence that he had been in mexico before, it makes the defendant look really bad. so, of course, the attorney is not really responding to whether or not he asked his client to lie. he is trying to put that aside. i don't think he wants to portray his client in a bad light. he wants to continue to portray him in the best possible light, which really is his duty but now the sergeant has changed attorneys. that appears to be a good thing. hopefully a new attorney will be able to do something more for him. >> ted, i'm trying to figure this out. of course, first of all, got
11:33 pm
this email which tends to corroborate that the lawyer asked him to lie. but even beyond that even if he had been on mexico several times before. that doesn't mean that you can't make a mistake on a turn end up in mexico. announce i have got guns, they are illegal in the united states and be accidently in the country. >> let me start off, greta, by saying that i am a veteran of the army and of the armed forces of the united states and we owe you, greta van susteren, a great debt because before you there was not a lot of attention being provided in this case. and, as a result of that, in now answering your question, absolutely anybody can make a mistake. i saw how you went into that area. i saw the u-turn and how that sign was misrepresented
11:34 pm
and out of place. the thing about it is though if a family if sergeant tahmooressi does not feel comfortable with his lawyer he did the right and roar thing. all we have as lawyers is our intelling gri at this. the bottom line is if a lawyer told him to lie, that's wrong. absolutely wrong. >> it seems to me, ted, the thing is that we need a fact finding process. it's too bad because he has changed lawyer because that's now delayed it been there 60 days and give him a full, fair, fact finding hearing so at least we can find out the exact details. we have gone out and done the leg work and this is what our investigation shows or tends to show. but, i mean, get the process going. not just languish in a prison in a foreign country. >> no, no. you are absolutely right. >> greta, that his new attorney obviously needs time to be brought up to speed to be able to prepare the case. >> oh, i totally understand that i think it's an unfortunate wrinkle.
11:35 pm
still, that doesn't mean like the judge can't just look at it it's not that -- this is not a complicated case. just look at it and make a decision. don't just hold him if there is no reason to. but look at the thing. and, you know, fast track. >> it you are absolutely right. it doesn't take a rocket scientist. i'm sure that the judges have been to that venue. they have seen that sign. they have seen this show. they have seen other shows where that sign would confuse anyone. so, they could make a decision and get that kid back home. >> let's not forget something called protion could you toler. they are not charging him with smuggling but possession. is it really worth it? the prosecutor exercise discretion all the time is this really the one to have we would be on the side of
11:36 pm
the marine. prosecutorial discretion. if he is being prosecuted. we want him to have due process rights. we want him to be able to have an attorney who can be fully prepared to cross-examine all of the witnesses against him. >> and fast. >> fast. >> to present evidence. to present the 9 is 1 call. that he made, which appears to indicate that he did make an accidental turn into mexico. and, you know, and to be able to do that as quickly as possible. >> i'm going to take the last word. >> all he is talking about a wrong turn. >> i'm going to take the last word on this. very very least. our government should be forcing a very very swift hearing. this is way too long. 60 days on something like this. but anyway. i'm taking the last word. >> gloria and ted, thank you. of course, we will stay on this case. much more "on the record" each night until sergeant tahmooressi is back home. also, keep the pressure on your government.
11:37 pm
keep tweeting and posting using #. this is important. use this #marine held in mexico. keep up the pressure. now to former u.n. ambassador john bolton is slamming president obama about his speech today to west point graduates in op ed scheduled for tomorrow's "wall street journal." ambassador bolton not mentioning seeking victory in the war against terrorism. ambassador john bolton joins us. >> good evening, thank you. >> i have a different thought on what commencement speech is door to the future. be very future. everyone is expecting a huge foreign policy speech from the president on this. many are disappointed. but why? >> well, i think the president spent five and a half years of on-the-job training to come up with a platitude, namely that the united states has an alternative between isolationism on the one hand and war on the other. no kidding. there is absolutely nothing new or startling in that. but the president has lived in a world of straw men for so long that when he makes
11:38 pm
this discovery and announces it in an important speech, the white house acts like it's really something new. and sadly, the speech was simply a recitation of what the president has already>> he e bit differently. i'm one beat off on this. i see speech different. i think the president owes it to the american people to lay out foreign policy. i would love to see it at the press conference in the white house press corps asking probing questions about syria, my gearia, you name it, everything. but i see this as just sort of his opportunity to sort of give a speech and we don't get to hear more and it's not even a commencement speech. >> well, it certainly wasn't a commencement speech. i thought the reaction by the graduating cadets was about as tepid a response to a commander and chief as you can politely get away with. but i think people looking for the explanation of the obama doctrine, which was basically what the white house promised are going to be sorely disappointed. because there is simply no real explanation. the president. >> is it the venue to do
11:39 pm
that? >> you know, i think presidents have used military academy speeches before. i think it's appropriate. i think the cadets expect that they are not disappointed because there isn't more about their future. but, basically, what was disappointing, i think for the president's supporters was how little new substance was there was in that speech. >> i guess i sort of think this is their day and their speech and not the opportunity for a president to lay out his policy. maybe -- i think graduations are sort of fun and not that serious. but maybe i got it all wrong. >> there is one difference here. he is the commander and chief and they are going to be his officers so there you go. >> press conference and questions and answers about our foreign policy. i'm ready for that. >> you couldn't have a press conference long enough to answer the number of questions that should be asked about where our foreign policy is. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and we are following the breaking news because right now house lawmakers are starting a special late night hearing about the growing v.a. scandal. we're going to take you live
11:40 pm
to capitol hill. that's next. honestly, the off-season isn't really off for me. i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work!
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president obama goes back into president bush 43 as well. >> right. >> why is everybody just been looking the other way. everyone is now all of a sudden sandized that this is going on. >> i think because they got caught and exposed in a way that made it impossible for them to ig and also because the reports that they went back to 2005. they didn't say that anybody died from it. they said that there were these delays and there were certainly people ringing alarm bells and saying we were compromising people people's health and the implication was that it could lead to death. we didn't have the accusations and allegations that we have right now is that people actually did die because of delays in healthcare. >> maybe nobody looked and maybe that's why nobody knew. the hearing is tonight and it's live. do we read anything into the fact that this is a nighttime hearing. >> oh yeah. i think republicans wanted to make a pint and make sure it got extra coverage and noticed. that's a good idea. bipartisan outrage over this
11:54 pm
scandal. and obviously new concern over whether or not general shinseki can do his job. many democrats coming forward today calling for his resignation. as mike emanuel noted. many waited until they saw the rules of this report. the report is very damming. and it really is also, if you look at the arrangements of this hearing, greta, the fact that even as of yesterday witnesses were not confirmed that even an hour ago, one of them a congressional relations officer from the v.a., whose job it is to interact with congress was trying to get out of trying to testify. that alone calls into question whether or not after the story breaks, forget 2000a general shinseki is aware of just how much of a devastating problem this is and how much is he responsible panel sorry to make is so short but we have a lot of breaking news. baby kidnapped but new
11:55 pm
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time to speed read your way through the news. breaking news in the case of u.s. marine jailed in mexico. sergeant andrew tahmooressi suddenly firing his lawyer only hours before today's important court hearing. the marine appearing at the mexican courthouse but no witnesses testified at the hearing. the legal process now delayed while the marine changes lawyers. and a mystery solved with the help of facebook. it all started when a newborn baby was kidnapped from a canadian hospital. the distraught father posting a plea for help on facebook. four facebook users saw the suspect's car description and then hospital surveillance video. they recognize the the suspect and then they then spotted the car and after alerting police. the facebook detectives getting credit reunion nightsd the baby and the parents. that's tonight's speed read. see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly factor. you know where to go until the o'reilly factor starts. that's gretawire. and set your dvr for series
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recording. for some reason you can't watch any night then you will will always be able to watch "on the record." good night from new york city. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." how fast did lou dabs go on the way down devil's backbone? we have an in depth look at the equipment used by the world's most electrifing newsman. and what does the president think about people who say michael key ton isn't the best batman? >> this question isn't new. at least since george washington served as commander-in-chief, i think they are wrong. >> and finally, why are are our nation's cats getting stuck beside bedside tables and why is the government not doing more to free them? we pick up the heated debate more where the special report left off. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >>


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